She now lifestyle in Ca and you will frequently remains unstable, moving off link to relationship

She now lifestyle in Ca and you will frequently remains unstable, moving off link to relationship

Roy Patterson was a police who has an effective grudge facing Rusty-James as well as the Bicycle Guy and is constantly looking to own a means to “get” them. In the long run, he kills this new Bike Boy out of the blue in the event the Motorcycle Kid are taking fish of a pet store.


Patty is actually Rusty-James’s wife. This lady mom is a nursing assistant who work night, and you may Patty needs to stay-at-home or take care of their absolutely nothing brothers. She’s bleached blond hair and that is hard. She after went just after another lady which have a cracked bottle as the lady is flirting which have Rusty-James.

Wear Rates

Pricing is an intelligent-alecky guy that has been offering Mentor Ryan difficulties. Ryan has the benefit of Rusty-James five bucks to conquer him up.


Rusty-James, whose legal name is Russel-James, is fourteen inside head step of publication however, talks and you can serves such as for instance some body much earlier and difficult. The guy confesses that he is not as vibrant and that he’s a spirits. He takes, curses, cigarettes, beverages, and you may goes into matches regarding the weekly, in the event he has not yet forgotten one out of a couple of years. He idolizes his older sibling, Cycle Boy, and you may desires become same as him due to the fact Bicycle Boy is actually “the latest greatest irlantilainen postimyyntivaimo member of worldwide.” He will not envision much concerning coming, or the earlier in the day, preferring to reside in the present. His friend Steve is essential so you can him just like the Steve is perhaps truly the only steady individual he’s actually identified. Rusty-James are leftover alone in the parents’ family for three days when he is actually two years dated since the their mother remaining the latest friends, using Bike Boy, along with his dad gone away with the an excellent around three-date taking binge. Perhaps due to this, Rusty-James detests become by yourself and you can dreads the day the fresh Bike Son actually leaves home forever.

Rusty-James’s Dad

Rusty-James’s father, who his sons telephone call “the existing son,” was an alcoholic. He has visited law college or university and also a big words and you may an informed way of speaking. They are “a center-size of, middle-aged boy, variety of blonde and you will balding at the top, and it has light-blue-eyes. He was the sort of individual not one person actually seen. He had numerous family members, even in the event, mainly bartenders.” They are entirely detached away from their sons and you may views her or him brand new means an anthropologist manage check an as yet not known tribe. “Exactly what uncommon lives your several lead,” he says reasonably when he learns you to Rusty-James could have been cut in a blade challenge.

He began taking when Rusty-James’s mother remaining: he went on an effective around three-big date binge, and it also was, he states, the very first time he was actually inebriated. He states out-of his relationships and his awesome problem out of attorneys so you’re able to skid-row drunk, “All of our ple off an excellent preacher marrying an atheist, thinking and come up with a convert, and you may as an alternative winding up denying his or her own faith.” This means you to definitely his spouse is actually a world violent. According to him, “She hitched me enjoyment, if in case they averted becoming fun she kept.”

Rusty-James’s Mommy

Rusty-James’s mommy kept your family when Rusty-James was a couple of in addition to Bicycle Kid is actually six. To start with, she got the newest Motorcycle Kid together, but then she quit your, and finally he had been pulled to their dad and you may Rusty-James. In the event the Bicycle Man finds the girl, the woman is managing a film manufacturer it is planning on “relocating with a musician which stayed in a forest home right up throughout the mountains.”

Coach Ryan

Ryan is the fitness center professor at Rusty-James’s college. Rusty-James hates him given that the guy thinks the fresh advisor try an artificial. The newest advisor uses teenager jargon and tries too difficult to-be nearest and dearest that have Rusty-James, which makes Rusty-James doubtful. Rusty-James says, “We expected to hell as i is sex I might have most readily useful activities to do than simply hang around some hard punk, hoping his associate would scrub away from on me personally.”

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