Rebekah: A lifetime one talks to help you united states

Rebekah: A lifetime one talks to help you united states

By J.P. Thackway

And you will Isaac introduced their on his mommy Sarah’s tent, and you can took Rebekah, and she turned into their girlfriend; and then he liked this lady: and Isaac was comforted shortly after his mother’s death. Genesis

And you can Isaac intreated the lord getting their spouse, due to the fact she is actually barren: as well as the LORD are intreated of him, and you can Rebekah their partner developed. .

And you may … Rebekah … entitled Jacob the woman young boy, and told you unto him, Behold, thy sibling Esau, as coming in contact with thee, doth spirits himself, purposing so you’re able to kill thee. Now thus, my man, obey my personal voice; and you may develop, flee thou to help you Laban my cousin so you’re able to Haran; And you will tarry which have him a short time, up until thy brother’s rage change away. -44.

These types of three scriptures are about Rebekah: Isaac’s girlfriend, while the mother out-of Jacob and Esau. They are during the collection of level out of this lady lifestyle. The foremost is the woman inclusion so you’re able to Isaac and their relationships; next, try concerning the a significant problem that your Lord please resolved inside treatment for prayer; additionally the third, a sinful rules one to overshadowed new closure many years of her earthly pilgrimage.

Rebekah try certainly a good godly, gracious girl. Her early lifestyle are full of guarantee, and as they progressed, they found a lot of that promise. Yet, the woman afterwards make implied one to she left the nation less than an excellent affect. It, unfortuitously, ‘s the course of every so many lifetime. Saddest of all, it mirrors the brand new lifestyle out of Christian somebody. They stands because the a caution so you can us – and also due to the fact a reassurance so you’re able to tread a far greater highway to possess all of our coming.

How it happened that have Rebekah? While we envision their existence, we have to keep in mind that that isn’t only about people life style many thousands of years before. It’s more off historical interest in order to you. In the Romans 15:cuatro the inspired apostle reminds united states you to definitely: “anyway one thing had been authored aforetime were created in regards to our learning, we because of patience and you may comfort of your own scriptures might have vow.”

Genesis -67 is the wonderful scene in which Abraham’s slave will bring Rebekah regarding their the place to find Isaac in order to become his partner. This concerning Christ’s coming need to be fulfilled thanks to their “seed” (Genesis 28:4). Hence, one true blessing made available to Isaac have to now come upon Isaac’s heir since the 2nd age group. His matrimony, for this reason, is necessary to own a boy who will hold this give, regarding Messianic range, right down to Christ from the fulness of time.

The new personalized of these times did it like that. In a high sense it absolutely was establish of the eden. Eliezer, as he prayed his ways with each other, could state, “she one to thou hast designated getting thy servant Isaac” (Genesis ).

Christians who prayerfully find age. Every marriage “in the Lord” (1 Corinthians 7:39) is developed by the a type and you can gracious Jesus. It’s never only two people fulfilling by accident: it’s by the divine appointment. Jesus brings His Eves on their Adams (Genesis 2:22), His Ruths to their Boazs (Ruth 2:3) – and his Rebekahs on the Isaacs. Marriage ceremonies similar to this is actually it really is made in paradise.

Because the Rebekah grew up yourself, she learned those individuals characteristics who would allow the woman become another person’s spouse. The girl thoughtful, offering cardiovascular system presented in itself on better because the she received drinking water having Eliezer, “as well as thy camels in addition to” (Genesis ,19). The servant has shrewdly asked for that it even more reach because good providential indication to spot Rebekah once the you to definitely for Isaac, and so they turned out to be.

Rebekah: An existence one speaks to us

Getting Isaac, their profile and you can characteristics was in fact graciously worked inside your when he was raised, coming to a mind within his unresisting co-operation together with his dad for the Install Moriah: “Abraham . placed the fresh new wood in check, and likely Isaac their child, and you can put your to the altar abreast of the brand new wood” (Genesis twenty-two:9). So it, and you may all about his upbringing would have wishing him to be a great spouse (Genesis ).

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