Following the epic feat, if you are staying with Minister Uptala, Lin Feng found out about the challenge of Celestial Nation

Following the epic feat, if you are staying with Minister Uptala, Lin Feng found out about the challenge of Celestial Nation

Lin Feng ended up being as an alternative impressive whilst in Hell and even though from a combat getting a tiny Industry, the guy and you can Jian Mang been able to win the fight of your Mid-Height Emperors. With the knowledge that he’d to raise their fuel into the an initial period of time, the guy adamantly requested going and as whether or not Minister Uptala try hesitant, the guy acquiesced and welcome Lin Feng going. Into the Celestial Country, Lin Feng owing to life and death battles were able to up-date his comprehension of Implementation Means, Life energies and you may Demise efforts also. He had been rapidly recruited to join the latest Jalacandra Fairyland sufficient reason for particular help, went out to understand more about brand new Celestial Country. If you find yourself examining, the guy wound up conference Aoxu, just who after summoning the brand new dragon from Lin Feng’s muscles, Aomo, got them to this new Milky-Way Battleground. There it came across the latest Pathfinder Top , and you may Lin Feng went inside during the a quote to verify his street. Immediately after effortlessly passage through the Pathfinder Top, the Celestial Country try besieged by pushes of your own 9 Clouds Region, including those of Winner College added because of the Ji Chang. Lin Feng arranged brand new opposition while the latest gate to go out of new Celestial Nation started once again, he easily leftover to construct reinforcements.

Going back from Hell

Immediately following making the Celestial Nation, Lin Feng is satisfied because of the Shichuan , vice minister on Uptala area. Whilst travelling having Shichuan, Lin Feng is made familiar with the issue you to definitely Jian Mang had fallen into, and that eventually triggered the newest capture out of Qing Qing. Lin Feng subsequently orchestrated plans who does accommodate brand new refrain out of themselves and Qing Qing, but sooner or later was obligated to go back. Fundamentally, both Qing Qing and you may Minister Uptala threw in the towel the lifetime so you’re able to ensure the way forward for Lin Feng, that have Minister Uptala turning themselves towards a course of your own Way Uptala Lotus. Together with latest powers, the guy caused it to be Lin Feng to protection, just for Lin Feng to get satisfied of the Juzi of Devil Clan . Lin Feng returned to the Demon Clan and you may kidnapped Yama Hua, the fresh new girlfriend away from Juzi to help you promote himself some freedom inside the Devil Clan, before stealing their Demon Pond and you can and work out their in the past to help you the access of the Celestial Nation. When he registered the newest Celestial Country, the guy put out Yama Hua, remaining his hope. Shortly after on the Demon Home, the guy put out Jian Mang away from their inner globe and one or two of those slaughtered their means along side Milky Method Battlefield. Fundamentally it stumbled across Aoxu. Immediately, Lin Feng’s duplicate is actually slain as the battle out of Tiantai in place of the newest Moon Class taken place. Immediately following healing his soul injuries, the 3 of these sooner or later managed to make it into the hop out out of the Dark Evening Area, where it put Aoxu’s Dragon Clan records so you can exit.

Tiantai instead of Ji Chang’s Club

As Lin Feng, Aoxu and you may Jian Mang battled on the Celestial Country, brand new traveled regarding the get off of Celestial Nation toward Holy City, while traveling, it occurred abreast of Jun Mo Xi. Jun Mo Xi advised him or her one to Ji Chang got pion of one’s Holy Urban area and you may manage hence be that have a good celebratory banquet. Lin Feng donned a breathing apparatus following all of them decided to go to the fresh feast. When you’re indeed there, it humiliated the brand new Ji Clan, hot or not recenzГ­ having Jian Mang blinding Ji Wuyou in the process right after which it remaining. Upon returning to brand new school, Lin Feng asserted that they’d solve their activities during the extreme ceremony for the college. At the time of your best service, Lin Feng contributed Tiantai, in addition to Jian Mang and you can Aoxu so you can eliminate the users of your Stone Classification and you will cripple the newest members of Ji Chang’s bar. Lin Feng would eventually battle Ji Chang so you can a standstill and you can thus feel considered since an asset out-of Champ College or university. Ji Chang told Lin Feng which he would continue steadily to the brand new battle for the Pathfinder Day’s the brand new Imperial Positions List and you can both teams up coming distribute.

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