Despite such complexities, delineating this new relationship certainly one of pregnancy intentions, most other risk issues and you can pregnancy in itself features extremely important effects

Despite such complexities, delineating this new relationship certainly one of pregnancy intentions, most other risk issues and you can pregnancy in itself features extremely important effects

Time-varying personal circumstances, as well as many years, pregnancy history, relationship functions and products, can affect maternity frequency courtesy aim

Examining pregnancy objectives and you may perceptions poses challenges. The expression “pregnancy aim” has been discussed and you will mentioned within the myriad implies, together with if a female try considered or wants maternity, and how happy or disappointed she would getting in the event the she became expecting. twenty-four – twenty-six Furthermore, most females features ambivalent otherwise conflicted perceptions throughout the maternity, and they keep these types of attitudes which have differing degrees of belief. twenty seven – 30 Particularly, toddlers could be less likely than simply older ladies so you can package or date pregnancies knowingly or even to have certainly outlined fertility expectations. 31 , thirty two Teens are browsing personalize its thinking to the a beneficial prospective maternity since their existence factors and intimate partnerships changes. 33

Examining the roles regarding things thought to rest into the a beneficial causal pathway can be elucidate this new systems by which risk circumstances dictate the fresh lead which means that might help identify factors that cause pregnancy. 34 Additionally, a much better knowledge of the connection between pregnancy objectives and you will teenage maternity will get address a lot of time-status questions regarding the fresh new the amount that variations in pregnancy rates anywhere between organizations was a purpose of solutions or, rather, echo variations in personal, familial and personal issues one place certain kids prone to unintended pregnancy. 14 – sixteen , 18


Big literary works have looked at brand new social, familial and personal things that can shape maternity aim, sexual and reproductive conclusion, and you may chance of maternity one of Latinas. twenty two , thirty five Social factors for Latino family models features concerned about the brand new very important character away from acculturation (the levels to which an immigrant goes in brand new norms and philosophy regarding their this new community). 36 Acculturation try an elaborate procedure that can occur one another within this individuals, because they surrender opinions and properties of its community regarding origin and you may follow that from an environment community, and over generations, as youngsters out-of immigrants are next taken off affects using their parents’ country from supply. Many studies have revealed that amount of acculturation is joingy online positively of sexual chance-getting certainly one of Latino young people, look into the most other consequences, for example virility, maternity motives and you will birth prevention have fun with, has actually produced contradictory results. twenty-two , thirty six

Other aspect of Latino community which is thought to enjoy a good large character during the teenage reproductive fitness try familism, a direction that emphasizes the requirements of the household equipment more personal wishes. thirty-six , 37 Ethnographic knowledge signify Latino society shall be supportive out-of early motherhood, and lots of younger Latinas believe that might acquire regard out-of their loved ones and teams by the getting pregnant. 38 – 41 The heightened feeling of collective service and you may focus on traditional spots for women inside the Latino community will make motherhood a good choice for some Latina young ones. 41

Home and you may familial environment are important when you look at the creating the new intimate and you may reproductive behavior of childhood, plus Latinos. In the event personal and you may financial disadvantage possess consistently already been pertaining to adolescent fertility, 22 suspicion remains out of whether the relationship shows a fully planned type to disadvantage 15 , 18 otherwise lowest reliance on birth control. fourteen Previous research has unearthed that Latinas whose mothers got even more permissive thinking to your adolescent sexual decisions, or who were expecting since youngsters by themselves, started sexual activity prior to, got a lot more people and you may involved with riskier sexual behavior than many other Latinas. 42 – forty-two Yet not, if reduced parental monitoring otherwise that have a parent who had youngsters due to the fact an adolescent shapes exposure because of the cultivating threshold otherwise allowed out-of adolescent childbirth was unsure.

More mature teenagers be more more than likely than younger of them becoming pregnant, step three no matter if studies have produced contradictory evidence concerning your dating between many years and you may intent. nine , 10 , 13 , 19 , 20 Past maternity was of improved threat of then pregnancy, therefore the requirement for positive pregnancy purposes because a danger basis having repeat pregnancy one of teens that have been pregnant was well documented. 45 – 47 Nevertheless, if or not disparities while pregnant prices by the teenagers’ maternity background is going to be charged in part in order to variations in maternity attitudes once a first pregnancy is actually unclear.

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